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What is a Semi-Dedicated Call Center Agent?

Author: soundtele   I   Category : Call Center News, Outsourcing   I   Date : September 09, 2016

What is a Semi-Dedicated Call Center Agent?

There are a couple different variations when it comes to the roles that call center agents play. So what does a semi-dedicated agent do in the call center?

A semi-dedicated call center agent is one who is trained to work on several different customer accounts simultaneously. They take calls on more than one account and help various callers depending on which customers they have been assigned to. A dedicated call center agent is one who is trained to work only on a single customer at a time. They are committed to focusing on calls for just one account. Most call centers in the USA provide both types of CSR (Customer Service Rep) support.

Question: So which type of call center agent is best?

Answer: Both!

It really all comes down to your requirements. Choosing a semi-dedicated or dedicated call center agent depends on the type of customer you are supporting, the size of your account (or number of calls you expect), and what kind of call center you choose to partner with.

A semi-dedicated or "Blended Agent" can provide support to several uniquely different accounts in one shift. The advantage of this kind of support model is that highly skilled agents are always kept busy supporting customers. If you hire a call center to support your customers, you will most likely be using a blended agent. You will be billed on a per-minute basis for support and you will ONLY be billed for agent time spent supporting your customers. Semi-dedicated call center environments are highly efficient in terms of economics and provide an excellent level of service. Think of it as a kind of "pay as you go" support.

A dedicated call center agent is a support model that focuses the operator's attention fully on a single customer and their callers. This type of agent can work well for customers who have a high volume of much more complex, labor-intensive support calls. Dedicated agents only handle a single customer's calls and are typically busy all day supporting just that customer. However, in a dedicated environment, the client that is receiving support is paying for the dedicated agent's time whether they are on a phone call or not. Hence, the dedicated model costs more per minute or per hour than the semi-dedicated model. But if you have the call volume to support having dedicated inbound call center agents working on your account, then it can be a worthwhile investment.

If you're wondering if your outsourcing needs would be better served by a semi-dedicated call center agent or a dedicated operator, please feel free to contact us, and we can discuss your unique situation.

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