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Sound Telecom provides customized answering services through courteous, knowledgeable, US-based agents that handle every call professionally and accurately. If you’re involved in any type of business that requires live answering services, we can build you a personalized answering service program that will provide your customers with the immediate service and quality care they expect and deserve – day or night.

Live Answering Support That Is Always Friendly, Professional, and Courteous.

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Live answering support is second-to-none. When customers are greeted by a knowledgeable agent who is ready to assist, it makes your business absolutely shine. At all hours of the night and day, Sound Telecom is available to handle your critical support calls. Build your business and build your brand image by providing reliable, responsive live assistance to your callers. They will thank you with loyal patronage.

Our USA-based agents are professionally trained and consistently monitored to deliver a world-class customer service experience during every interaction. We invest in cutting-edge call center technology in order to properly resolve every possible circumstance that arises. Solving unique customer service challenges is our mission! It is our pleasure to talk to you and understand how best to serve your organization and your important customers.

Make immediate improvements to your business with live answering support when you:

  • Enhance customer service
  • Increase sales
  • Retain valuable customers
  • Improve productivity
  • Cut down on infrastructure and payroll costs
  • Reduce stress
  • Focus on your business
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The Benefits of Using Sound Telecom’s Live Answering Services

Live answering is just the beginning. There are a number of extra benefits and features available to you from Sound Telecom. Your business is our priority. We want to help solve problems so that you can grow and experience peace of mind. Our answering service features include:

24 x 7 x 365 Availability:

Extend your hours and minimize costs with round-the-clock phone coverage.

Secretarial Services:

Enjoy friendly, professional secretarial coverage all day, every day. Your virtual secretary is only a call away.

Live Call Answer, Screen and Transfer:

Our answering service agents will answer your calls in a friendly, professional manner, let you know who is calling before transferring, and prioritize your calls to ensure you receive the most important calls first.

Advanced Call-Forwarding:

We can seamlessly route your calls wherever you want (home, office, cell or other wireless device).

Flexible Call Handling and Overflow Coverage:

Have calls processed according to need based on criteria specified by you and ensure each call is answered professionally and effectively even during peak call volume times.

Customized Message Delivery:

Get your messages the way you want them: email, text-to-cell, pager, voicemail, fax, live operator transfer, online message access and more.

Service Dispatch:

Be assured that service, emergency, and technical support personnel get critical messages when and where they need them so they can respond immediately.

Appointment Scheduling:

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction with 24 x 7 x 365 appointment scheduling with real-time, online schedule management.

Multilingual Services:

Translation coverage in over 200 native languages to ensure your entire caller base is covered.

Web Portal Access with Unified Reports:

Tap into current and archived messages, run call detail reports and more from any internet connection. Manage service schedules and keep your finger on the pulse of your live answering services.

Message Database Backup:

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your account-related data and messaging information is safe and secure. We perform regular database backups to ensure that critical account information is never lost even if your business is affected by a catastrophic event. Our continuous backup systems allow us to quickly and effectively restore your service after an outage, minimizing your downtime.

Give us a call and let us know how we can help you build a customized answering service that solve your problems, enhance your brand, and better your business.

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