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A Sound Telecom virtual receptionist provides all the advantages of an experienced secretary while avoiding the costs associated with hiring, training, and employing a receptionist in your office. Our highly trained live receptionists take on the role of a virtual receptionist and provide 24/7 secretarial services and more so that you can focus on getting business dealt with.

We will work with you to build a fully customized virtual receptionist service plan that meets your unique requirements and specific objectives. Choose Sound Telecom to build your perfect virtual secretary that will be just like an in-house receptionist that eliminates automated systems, answering machines, and voicemail, which can frustrate callers.

When you team up with a Sound Telecom live virtual receptionist, you are creating a satisfying phone experience for your callers that emits a positive, organized, and professional impression while minimizing staffing and facility requirements for you and your business. What will you do with the extra time in your day knowing that all your calls are being handled by your live receptionist service?

Delegate Call Handling to Sound Telecom Remote Receptionist Service

Your virtual receptionist can do more than answer your phone, take messages, transfer calls, and provide urgent dispatch. They can also help your business with:

  • Customer Service: Educated about your company, your virtual receptionists will answer routine questions and help get accurate business information to callers
  • Order Processing: Provide customers with live agent order taking and ecommerce solutions at any time of the day
  • Appointment Scheduling: A virtual assistant will manage your calendar with our appointment scheduling and reminder services
  • Call Screening: You probably don’t need to or want to talk to everyone who calls your business, so your virtual receptionist can screen calls and only transfer the callers you want to speak with
Telecom Remote Receptionist Service

The Role of Receptionist Has Evolved

With the rise of virtual receptionists, businesses have more options in how they cover their incoming calls than simply relying on a traditional, in-house receptionist.

When someone calls your business, they already have expectations of how they should be treated. They’ve been on calls with other organizations, companies and even your competitors. Due to a variety of factors including technology and competition, consumers have come to expect instant attention, and it is up to you and your team to deliver exactly that. The search for “on demand” service is constantly increasing and your business must be capable of meeting those needs in order to continue down the road to success.

Unfortunately, the classic role of an in-house receptionist is simply not robust enough to meet the requirements of today’s businesses or today’s consumers. A receptionist is typically only able to handle one caller at a time while putting additional callers on hold. They go on lunch and coffee breaks throughout the day, occasionally call in sick and may decide to quit their job for any reason at a moment’s notice. Plus, they are typically confined to normal 9-5 business hours. These risks and limitations combined with the technology of today have inspired the classic role of receptionist to evolve and make way for the Virtual Receptionist.

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What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A Virtual Receptionist is usually a contractor or service provider that fulfills many of the same tasks and requirements that a classic receptionist would, but are usually significantly more affordable than a full time (or even part time) employee and operate from a 3rd party office. Some of the services a Virtual Receptionist can perform include (but are not limited to):

  • Answering Phones
  • Taking Messages
  • Routing Callers
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Processing Orders

How Do I Pick A Virtual Receptionist?

The use of Virtual Receptionists has started to become more and more popular. There are entire markets where you can pick a Virtual Receptionist based on their skills and previous performance. However, it is still important to know how to pick a Virtual Receptionist that is right for YOUR business. Let’s discuss the two different avenues you can go down when it comes to Virtual Receptionists.

First, you could choose a Virtual Receptionist who is a private contractor, works for themselves, and is typically based out of their home. For companies who want their customer service to be considered world-class, a private contractor virtual receptionist probably won’t be a good fit. With this type of Virtual Receptionist, you still have the limitation of the number of calls they can handle at once as well as the number of hours they can work in a day; not to mention a lack of availability if they get sick, go on vacation, etc.

The second option when it comes to choosing a Virtual Receptionist is going the route of a service provider that has a whole team of live virtual secretaries available to handle your account. Companies who seek a higher level of reliability and scalability often look to partner with agencies who provide Virtual Receptionist services. Sound Telecom is a great example of an agency that has specifically developed Virtual Receptionist services for over 30 years. We provide businesses with the ability to have highly trained, live receptionists answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sound Telecom also uses a proprietary call handling platform that arms the agents with prior scripted information specific to your business so they can provide the answers and support your callers are needing.

The Role of Receptionist Lives On

Role of receptionist Role of receptionist

The classic role of the receptionist may be fading away, but the tasks and responsibilities still exist and continue to be a key component of running a business effectively. Thanks to the rise of Virtual Receptionists, your business can now get these mission critical tasks done at a fraction of the cost and at all hours of the day. If you haven’t already, perhaps it is time you gave Virtual Receptionist services a try for yourself. It could be the flexible, affordable workforce answer you’ve been looking for.

Upgrade Your Call Handling with Sound Telecom Virtual Receptionist Services

Whether you are a sole proprietorship or a Fortune 500 company, you recognize that missed phone calls are not good for business. And not every business can afford the time or wants to pay the money for a full-time, on-site receptionist. With a Sound Telecom virtual receptionist, you only pay for the work that actually happens. Convenient, productive and cost-effective, one of our virtual secretaries is waiting for your call.

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