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Businesses that have large numbers of employees or multiple physical locations are often challenged making sure that employees are starting work or opening for business at the required time. Sound Telecom has developed a solution for this problem that allows businesses to verify employee check-in and check-out times 24/7.

This allows you to make sure that business is up and running with the right people at the right time without requiring your physical presence and constant attention.

For example, let’s say you run a string of health clubs that open at 4am. You need to be 100% sure that all 15 of your store locations are open for business at 4am each day. With Sound Telecom’s Employee Check-in and Verification service, you require your employees to call us directly to check in or out of the day. If Sound Telecom does not receive the required check-in or check-out call within your specified timeframe, then we immediately escalate to your upper-management. This ensures that everyone is in position when you need them to be.

With the Sound Telecom Employee Check-in Verification Call Center Services you get:

  • Daily check-in and check-out reports emailed directly to you
  • Date and time-stamped messages ensure accuracy of calls
  • Voice logged call recordings provide a backup confirmation
  • Customized escalations procedures notify management of check-in lapses in real-time
  • Employee and staffing control 24/7

Applicant Screening Programs Confidential, Professional Applicant Screening Services

As a business owner you need information to make good decisions. Knowing the “who, what, when, where and how” of things makes you strategic in your thinking. Sound Telecom provides a number of confidential applicant screening services. All of which are custom-designed to suit your purposes.

Save time and improve performance

Make better, faster and more accurate decisions than ever before. Whether you are screening hiring applicants to recruit better talent, or completing intake forms to increase business productivity, Sound Telecom will help you save time and improve performance. Pre-screening applicants will help you avoid a number of headaches down the road and help you minimize risk.

Applicant Screening Programs

Benefits of Sound Telecom’s Applicant Screening Programs

  • Fast, accurate data intake
  • Professionally completed form-fills
  • Consistent, quality workmanship
  • Reduce staff and increase performance
  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Comply with privacy laws
  • Recruit better talent

Since 1986, Sound Telecom has been helping business owners, operations personnel and administrative staffers take application screening to a new level. Start today to have your custom application screening program developed and implemented. Trust us to confidentially handle your applicant screening inquiries 24/7.


Whistleblower Hotline

Give your employees an anonymous way to report workplace issues with our secure and confidential whistleblower hotline. Reduce and deter unethical behavior with an employee reporting hotline from Sound Telecom. As a third-party provider that is based in the US, we can help you keep ethics and compliance issues in check.

We are a preferred provider of whistleblower hotlines and offer the ideal solution for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Our hotlines are great for businesses, corporations, and government agencies seeking an anonymous concern and violation reporting hotline.

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Employee Attendance Line

Employees, Managers, and HR Professionals are all big fans of our employee attendance line solutions. We help businesses manage absences and minimize the negative impact of employees calling out of their shifts.

Available 24/7/365, our employee absence hotline improves accountability and solves the issues with the communication chain for all involved. Eliminate the headaches associated with managing employee call outs with Sound Telecom absence management hotline services.

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