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At Sound Telecom, our solutions include a variety of tech-driven options to empower your business and streamline your operations. Our solutions ensure your data is fully secure using the latest in data-security practices while also ensuring you have right what you need, right when you need it. Here are some of the popular technology solutions our clients use to bolster their call center services from Sound Telecom.

Secure Messaging

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At Sound Telecom, we offer secure messaging solutions to protect sensitive data. Our app is an ideal secure messaging platform to receive messages from our answering service to keep your organization compliant with laws and regulations.

Secure transmission methods allow for sending fully encrypted messages to smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  • Your messaging platform is password-protected.
  • Your messages live in a guarded, cloud-based environment so they never have to exist on your device.
  • You can create alerts for critical messages that leave a time-stamped trail for audit purposes.
  • Read receipts can also be activated.

Each aspect of the message, (including photo and file attachments), are encrypted, and you have the ability to create hundreds or even thousands of users quickly while arranging user groups and establishing escalation rules. In the event that a device is lost or stolen, the secure messaging system can be deactivated remotely by a network admin.

Benefits of Solaxis cloud-based business voicemail systems:

  • Retrieve messages 24 x 7 x 365 by phone or online
  • Save messages to your hard drive
  • Forward messages via e-mail
  • Receive automatic notification of messages
  • Eliminate costly fax machines, fax paper, and toner
  • Access all faxes immediately over the phone or online
  • Save money with great conference call toll-free rates
  • Combine your voicemail, fax, and phone lines with one number
  • Call routing with the touch of a button
  • Save time with easy access to messages by phone or via the Web
  • Call Forwarding, Call Screening, Voicemail and Fax Notification
  • Link employees and multiple locations through one telephone number
  • Instantly create departments with specialized call routing requirements
  • Greet and direct callers to the right person or department – locally or nationwide, day and night
  • Create multiple directories and subdirectories with a powerful hosted auto attendant allows
  • Configurations are custom-built to suit every individual need
  • Group voicemail and fax message collaboration
secure messaging

Text Message Dispatch

When a call comes in that requires your team’s attention, we can send a text message to the appropriate on-call staff with all the details they need. With escalation dispatch procedures built to your specifications, we’ll make sure the right person is on the job in a timely manner.

Fast and efficient Text Message Dispatch services

Call in – message out. It is just that simple. And just that quick.

Sound Telecom Text Message Dispatch allows you to rest assured that you will receive critical messages instantly as long as you have your device on you. Our phone messaging service provides highly trained, professional operators who will answer your calls with a customized greeting that we develop with you, accurately record your messages, and then immediately dispatch them to your cell phone, pager, or other wireless device.

Sound Telecom Text Message Dispatch Service includes:

  • Message to Cell, Pager, or Other Devices: have messages and callback numbers delivered to your device rapidly based on your specifications
  • Service Dispatch: messages are delivered to on-call personnel immediately for a quick response time in critical situations
  • Multi-pager and Corporate Billing Plans: simplify account management and billing with Sound Telecom as your single source for multiple message dispatch services that cover multiple locations
  • Local and Nationwide Pagers: keep in touch with your world no matter where you go with local, regional, and nationwide coverage
  • Hard Copy Message Back-up: hard copies of your messages are always available and can be sent to you via fax, email, snail mail, or downloadable online
  • Message Archive Retrieval: immediate access to messages archived up to three months and all your messages are stored for up to seven years

IVR Solutions

Sometimes it makes sense to include an interactive voice response system up front. Our IVR helps reduce painful, tedious spam calls.

Cloud-based business voicemail, fax, and auto-attendant systems

Sound Telecom, through its Solaxis division, combines business voicemail, fax and auto-attendant services all in one optimized system.

Our cloud based voicemail systems are mobile and PC accessible. Setup takes only minutes and services can be provided anytime, anywhere nationwide. Our web-enabled systems do not require physical office space or traditional hard-wired phone service.

Easy to manage

Focus on work, not on complex systems. Admins quickly and easily manage users, locations, and devices, from anywhere, with just a few clicks or taps. No need for expensive specialists. User are empowered to control their own settings. Everyone saves time and resources.

Save time and money

Get a truly comprehensive phone system with the best overall value, offering more features and functionality, for less. With no equipment or hardware maintenance costs, you gain cost savings both now and over the life of your system. And Solaxis all-inclusive monthly pricing means low, predictable costs.

Works across all your locations

One system and one monthly bill across all your office locations and even your mobile workforce. Admins and users can change their own settings easily, on the fly, from the Web or even from their mobile devices.

When you’re ready for cloud-based business voicemail communications…

when you are ready when you ready

Enhanced business voicemail is just one component of our powerful Solaxis unified communications services. Incorporating Solaxis solutions with any of our live telephone answering services.

For example, if you are unavailable, your Solaxis system will route calls to one of our courteous and professional live answering service agents. This empowers you to manage your time while ensuring your calls are taken care of in a timely manner. Your business voicemail system doesn’t stop with voicemail – it begins with Sound Telecom.

For more information about our Business Voicemail Services click here to visit our Solaxis website.

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