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Use a Call Center for Pledge Drives

Author: soundtele   I   Category : Call Center News   I   Date : December 12, 2016

Collecting donations from callers over the phone during a fundraiser is a big event, which is why you should consider a call center for pledge drives.

Whether it’s your annual pledge drive or holiday fundraiser for charity, having a call center to support your efforts will lead to a successful campaign. Call centers programs for pledge drives are different from other inbound plans in the sense that they typically only last up to a week at most. Some pledge drives only last a few hours, but no matter what their duration is, one fact is consistent: every call is important. That's why using a good call center for pledge drives will ensure each caller is handled with care.

So what should you know about using a call center for your fundraising opportunity?

Your pledge drive likely didn’t sneak up on you, so you don’t want to surprise your potential call center partner by asking them if they can take on your fundraiser the day before it’s scheduled to go down. A call center for pledge drives needs some advanced noticed to make sure everything goes off without a hitch for the duration of the fundraising event.

Inbound call centers for fundraisers need a little time to make sure they understand how your pledge drive is going to work, what your objectives are, how you’d like the script to flow, and how many call center agents they need to schedule to handle all your fundraiser calls. Live support providers with pledge drive experience are able to help you get a customized script dialed in that is perfect for your goals relatively quickly. However, the main thing call centers need some advanced notice for will be to ensure they have plenty of reps trained up your pledge drive and scheduled to be on hand for the entirety of the action.

Training call center agents for pledge drives is pretty straight forward since the majority of calls will only involve collecting donation information. But from time to time, callers might have some questions before they donate, so it might be a good idea to put together an list of frequently asked questions to include in the script. That way, agents can answer some basic queries so callers feel comfortable before donating.

Many times, organizations who put on pledge drives will use the same call center for future fundraising events as long as they continue to be happy with the program performance. That makes things even easier when the next pledge drive comes around. All they have to do is alert their call center partner before the upcoming fundraiser, let them know if they’d like to make any tweaks from the previous drive, and the call center will take care of the rest. A good call center for pledge drives is with you whether you put on a fundraiser each month, semiannually, or each holiday season.

Looking for some tips on how to make your pledge drive awesome? Here's 5 Lessons From WABE's Most Successful Pledge Drive. If you’ve got a pledge drive coming up and would like the help of a call center, contact us today so we can give you a free consultation.

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