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5 Reasons Why Answering Services for Startups Are A Good Idea

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5 Reasons Why Answering Services for Startups Are A Good Idea

The life of an entrepreneur or new small business owner is a fun one. Can it be a hectic, consuming ride? Sure, but there is one simple maneuver you can make straight away to give your fledgling company a great shot at success. Answering services for startups have many benefits, but here are five of the greatest.

Startups are a fragile little baby. Your baby. You have to feed it, keep it healthy, and spend a whole lot of time with it. Every detail matters when it comes to your business baby as each decision can have a huge impact on the trajectory to success. An answering service for startups has loads of experience caring for and working with new companies, so they know what it takes to help entrepreneurs grow a business into a thriving, sustainable company. Take a look at five of the many reasons why answering services for startups are a good idea and determine if your new business could be a beneficiary.

Focus on your strengths/passions/business

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur and launch your business in the first place? Most likely it was because you are good at what you do and passionate about it too. When you have to take time out of your day (or even spend the whole day) answering the phone, you clearly aren’t spending time on your baby. Letting experienced remote receptionists take your calls and deliver messages in a neat little package that is easy to digest and prioritize maximizes the amount of time you are able to focus on developing your products or services and growing your business. Don't get swallowed by the black hole of a ringing phone. Let an answering service for startups help you juggle all the things that go along with being a busy entrepreneur.

Customer service

A startup is making first impressions on people every single day. You’ve got to ensure that every encounter people have with your business is a positive one. If people have a good experience, they are far more likely to become repeat customers. Treat them right on every front and they will become advocates for your startup, spread good words and keep the new business flowing. One bad occurrence for a customer can be enough to be a major setback for any new company. So partner with an answering service that specializes in startup businesses who understands what it takes to facilitate a positive and memorable exchange with customers.

Never miss sales leads

Every sale is a crucial one for a startup. Each time the phone rings it could be the difference in your startup going under and a successful business venture. Missed calls are the missed opportunities that doom startups. Make sure you are able to seize every opportunity by answering every call to capture all the leads that come your way.

Sounds simple enough, but can you really handle every single call that comes in? What if you are already on the phone working an important distribution deal when what could potentially be your biggest client to date calls in? No promises they are going to leave a voicemail. What about calls that come in after normal hours or on the weekends when you are busy with other engagements? Are you willing to roll the dice that they will dial you again when you are available? Don’t leave these things to chance. Make absolutely sure that you never miss sales leads by using an answering service for startups.


It’s not always the first benefit of startup answering services that comes to mind, but branding your phones is not to be overlooked. Entrepreneurs are constantly striving to establish their image, and professional, friendly representatives who have been trained to handle your calls precisely in your specified manner have got your phones covered when it comes to branding.

Keeps costs low

Funds can often be tight when you are starting and nurturing a business. The cost of hiring, training, accommodating, and paying an in-house receptionist is a huge financial burden. Answering services for startups can play the role of a virtual receptionist who takes your incoming calls, transfers people accordingly, screens unwanted dialers, delivers messages, and more.

This is by far a more cost effective solution that generates great customer service, establishes a professional brand image on the phones, creates a secure net for sales leads, and always allows you to focus on your strengths as an entrepreneur. Contact us today to learn more about how our professional answering services can help your startup business thrive!

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