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How Answering Services Help Entrepreneurs

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How Answering Services Help Entrepreneurs

Starting a new business can be a wild and pressure-filled endeavor. Entrepreneurs have all kinds of things to focus on as they juggle many priorities and wear loads of different hats. An answering service for entrepreneurs helps  minimize the chaos and build success.

As an entrepreneur, starting a new business is a thrill! With the success of your business resting on your shoulders, the experience can also be incredibly demanding. When responsibilities pull you in 10 different directions, it's often tricky to manage everything that needs to get done. It's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to unintentionally let important aspects of business slip through the cracks. Fortunately, answering services  are a cost-effective tool for budget conscious entrepreneurs that help them manage phone calls while they focus on the areas of their business that they are uniquely qualified to handle.

Entrepreneurs commonly zero in on the work in front of them while administrative tasks fall by the wayside. That's understandable because developing the product or service is crucial. However, nobody can do two things at once very well. So with a small team, limited time, and shoestring resources, it is not uncommon for the ringing phone to go unanswered. However, it is critical to not ignore those phone calls. Missed calls may result in losing a big order, customer service issues, or accidentally blowing off a valuable PR opportunity. An answering service helps avoid those potentially devastating issues for startups.

A professional call center that has experience working with startups allows entrepreneurs to take solace in the fact the phone is covered. Each and every call is handled in a professional manner with detailed messages taken and delivered promptly to the right person. No more missed calls or cryptic messages on scrap paper!

Your telephone answering service can also help process orders, schedule appointments, route callers, and even assist with common technical support issues. There is a ton of heavy lifting that a call center for entrepreneurs can do. The more work entrepreneurs shift over to an answering service they better as they'll be able to give their full attention to other tasks that are imperative for the business to really take off.

Entrepreneurs work with their answering service of choice to develop a script and call handling procedures that will help them achieve their goals. From branded messaging, to info you want shared with callers, to answers for frequently asked questions, an answering service can manage calls in a way that reflects positively on young companies. Callers that need follow-up attention can leave a message which will then be transmitted by email, text, call or however entrepreneurs prefer. The answering service can also screen calls and route them accordingly if necessary.

Entrepreneurs use answering services for startups in a number of ways:

  • Give the phone number provided by the answering service to clients and let it be a customer facing number so that all calls go straight through to the answering service
  • Forward any calls from an existing number to the answering service to ensure calls are covered while entrepreneurs must focus without distractions
  • Use the answering service as an overflow safety net when things get really busy
  • Some entrepreneurs can handle calls during the day, but then turn the phones over to the answering service after hours and on weekends to keep a healthy work-life balance while never missing an opportunity

Outsourcing live answering to a professional call center is one of the best choices entrepreneurs can make. Experienced, dedicated, highly trained, US-based receptionists portray a polished image, capitalize on any new business opportunities, and keep entrepreneurs from running around with too much on their plates.  Contact us today to learn more about how successful entrepreneurs use Sound Telecom's answering service to enhance their startups.

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