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4 Reasons You Need a Business Answering Service

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4 Reasons You Need a Business Answering Service

If your business is finding it challenging to handle incoming phone calls for one reason or another during the day when you're busy, after hours, or even around the clock, utilizing a business answering service is a great solution.

Companies across the United States are discovering the benefits to partnering with a professional business answering service. There are lots of reasons why businesses are choosing to partner with an answering service, but here are four examples of situations you may find yourself in that can easily be remedied with quality live answering support.

1. “I’m unable to maintain consistent, quality in-house customer support.”

Maintaining consistent support 24 hours a day can be difficult when you’re busy taking care of other pressing matters. A business answering service can take care of callers who have easy-to-answer questions and give you time to attend to complex problems that require your involvement. An outsourced receptionist can also take messages when you are unavailable and relay those messages, ensuring nobody feels neglected or ignored. A call attendant can even weed-out solicitors, so you don’t have to handle those trivial calls.

2. “I’m unable to afford 24/7 customer support in-house.”

Keeping someone on staff at every moment of the day is also expensive. And perhaps you’ve attempted having a business voicemail, but people today are often indifferent to leaving voicemail messages. They prefer speaking with a live person and feel more comfortable having a representative to talk to that will relay their messages, rather than leaving them to sit on a voicemail machine. An outsourced business answering service can save you money while still providing great quality service.

3. “I am missing calls after hours.”

This is often the biggest shortcomings of many a business: it has to close. Of course you’re not going to choose the other alternative of being open and staffing your business for 24 hours every day, because in many cases, that would make no business sense. But a business answering service can change all that. People can get discouraged when their first attempt at contacting a business fails, so they decide to contact another one and choose to go with the one they can reach.  You can prevent this problem and instead galvanize a caller’s excitement by having them speak with a call center agent who is highly trained as an extension of your brand.

For people who are already your clients, you can provide better business support by having a call agent help them with troubleshooting, appointment scheduling or answering any other questions.

4. “My business operates seasonally, and I need the ability to quickly scale support up and down.”

Oftentimes, people think that an answering service has to be on a consistent yearly plan, but it doesn’t. A good business answering service can scale your plan by your expected call volumes each month and work with you to design a plan that operates optimally. Do you have a landscaping business that receives the largest call volumes during certain seasons? Or do you have an HVAC business that receives a call influx in the summer or winter? With a quality business answering service, developing the best, customizable solution to handling those calls is a reality.

These four scenarios are just a few of the many possible situations when a business answering service would be appropriate. If you find yourself in a position that would benefit from live support, let us know and we can help you see what a high-quality, customized business answering service is all about.

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