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The Internet and Call Center Services

Author: soundtele   I   Category : Whitepapers   I   Date : January 01, 2016

By Michael L. LaBaw
President, Sound Telecom
Last Updated January, 2016


This article describes the nature of e-commerce customer sales and support services provided by Sound Telecom to e-commerce companies on an outsourced basis allowing these companies to provide improved customer sales and support services for Internet transactions.

There is a growing need for companies deploying e-commerce applications to provide improved customer sales and support services on the Internet. Recent research revealed that top ranked ecommerce sites took longer than 5 days to respond to customer email inquiries, never responded at all or simply were not accessible by email or phone. Poor service was cited as the single most important factor contributing to abandoned online transactions. Its obvious that excellent customer service distinguishes a company with a successful e-commerce effort from its competitors without one.

Companies that are successful in supporting their e-commerce activities recognize the need to embrace and implement customer-centric services rather than experience poor email response rates, low on-line conversion rates and abandoned shopping cart incidents. By "humanizing" the customer's on-line experience these companies provide higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sound Telecom provides leading-edge e-commerce customer support services to our customers. Our customers engage Sound Telecom as an outsourcing partner because our expertise allows them to improve their focus, gain access to our developed capabilities immediately, free-up resources, make capital funds available for other purposes, reduce operating costs, access resources that are not available internally and eliminate hard to manage functions.

Sound Telecom has "web-enabled" its call centers and provides a wide spectrum of Internet Call Center Services in addition to its traditional inbound call services such as order and credit card processing, registrations, location services, help desk and reservations. Our multi-media customer contact centers are capable of doing business across a variety of interactive media - the Internet, email, text -based pagers, fax machines, telephone, computers and the like. These "web-enabled" call center product offerings include:

  1. Intelligent email management
  2. Interactive web-chat
  3. Web-agent call back service
  4. Web-page push
  5. E-commerce transaction processing
  6. Assisted web-site browsing (real-time web interaction)
  7. Web-site front and back-end customer support

Please refer to the glossary on further down for descriptions of each of these services. To compliment these services Sound Telecom utilizes cutting-edge computer-telephony integrated platforms utilizing automated screen pops, call scripting and advanced call routing. E-commerce transaction processing, assisted web-browsing and web-site front and back-end customer support integrate the power of our call scripting tools with embedded URL-pops to allow our customer service representatives to provide complete e-commerce customer care support.

Sound Telecom continues to focus on developing innovative, cost-effective telecommunication services and solutions. Our professional call centers combine the skills of highly trained service representatives with state-of-the-art call processing tools and systems. We play an integral part in helping our customers build and maintain solid customer relationships. Sound Telecom is providing its customers sound solutions for the Internet economy, nationwide, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Internet Call Center Services Glossary:

  • Interactive Web-Chat - An effective alternative to a phone call, where the web-customer conducts a text dialogue with a service representative and gets "real-time" answers to questions with an Internet browser. This feature is enabled by the web-customer clicking an icon that connects the customer and the service representative, giving them the ability to chat interactively while on-line by typing back and forth.
  • Web-Page Push (Web-Page Forwarding) - The web-customer and service representative link electronically on the Internet and the service representative pushes a web-page to the web-customer during a web-chat. This allows the person to ask questions which the service representative can answer by pushing information to the person.
  • Web Call Back - Where the web-customer can log onto the web-site, enter a phone number and request a call back from a service representative for help, assistance or support.
  • Intelligent Email Management - Automatic acknowledgment and skill based routing of incoming email. Appropriate and timely response to customer email inquiries is facilitated by a platform using natural-language analysis and sales-based email management technology to analyze incoming email inquiries and compare personalized answers that are either automatically dispatched or queued and routed for agent consideration.
  • Screen Pop - When a call hits our equipment a screen pops in front of the service representative and simultaneously transfers the telephone call and all of the associated data.
  • Advanced Call Routing and Skills-Based Routing - The callers are directed to the agent with the most appropriate skill set. Skills based routing and designated agent routing properly match the type of transaction (inbound call transaction, email inquiry, web-chat, web call back, URL Pop, web-assisted browsing) with an agent with the appropriate skill set to handle it.
  • URL-Pop - When an incoming call is received by the call center a specified section of the web-site is automatically displayed on the service representative's screen. Using that information, the service representative can answer the caller's questions, complete a transaction or gather and dispense other information.
  • Customized Call Scripting with Embedded URL-Pops - Organized text and help screens that guide the conversation the telephone service representative has with a caller. URL-Pops are strategically embedded in the call script, popping appropriate front and back-end web locations to assist the service representative with the call.

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