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Purchasing a New Computer: Part 1

Author: soundtele   I   Category : Technology   I   Date : December 12, 2013

Purchasing a New Computer: Part 1

I don’t think there is ever a right or wrong way to go about purchasing a new computer. Since it is Christmas time and there are so many deals out there, let’s take a look at some ideas to keep in mind when purchasing a new computer. I would suggest first, before ever looking at a computer, you write down some ideas or notes on what you want to use the computer for. This is will make it easier when you go out looking.

So, you've made your list, checked it twice and you’re out shopping with the intent of purchasing a new computer, and since it's the Christmas season, you are getting flooded with ads to come to a store and get a new computer. Be careful when you are looking for a computer, because as the saying goes, “if something is too good to be true, it probably is.”  What I mean by this is, you go into your favorite electronics store that sells computers, which I recommend you do this way so you can sample and test the computers you may want, versus just purchasing them online. Not that buying a computer online is a bad way to go; usually you will find better deals online. But, if you are unfamiliar with computers, it is a good idea to go in and take a look at them first.

Now you are in your favorite electronics store and you are like a kid in a candy shop, but instead of getting some sweet treats, you will be purchasing a new computer. You walk over to the computer area to find yourself overwhelmed with the possibilities. Pull out the sheet of paper you wrote your notes down on and go look for the computer or computers closely matching your needs.  The computer may not be a standard desktop computer at all. It could even be a tablet or a smart phone. Maybe you will find out you need both to assist you.

Now comes the fun part: testing all the computers, tablets, book reader tablets, and smart phones.  Once you start looking, you can make notes on the items you like and what they have in them. You will find that not all computers have what you need or want.  Also, you may need to look at software you want or need in the computer.  You need to keep in mind that most, if not all, the stores that sell computers are only going to put a general amount of applications they feel everyone would want in a computer. If there are specific items you are looking for, you will probably need to venture over to the software isle. That is another reason it is much better to go into a store and look first. Then, if you think you can get a better deal online, you can go elsewhere and purchase it.

In my next segment I will talk about the different types of devices you may want to consider when purchasing a new computer. Remember, a computer comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes with different capabilities from different manufactures. The right one is out there for you.

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