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Technical Support Call Center and Outsourced Help Desk Services

Question: How many times should your customers have to call in to receive a proper resolution to their issue?
Answer: One Give us the tools that we need to properly assist your technical support processes and we will deliver a high percentage of first-call resolution transactions. It’s really quite simple. People want to talk to other people that listen, show understanding, and are willing to take ownership to resolve issues. That means you must have passion for what you do. Sound Telecom puts its passion for serving others into every level of our technical support programs. That is why our help desk programs have a natural, normal feeling. We love to solve problems. And help desk support is just another way to show our customers that you really care about their issues. We can put the human touch back into your technical support.

USA-Based Help Desk Support Call Center

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We provide highly skilled US-based technical support and assistance. Clear communication is an essential ingredient when providing help desk assistance. We take listening seriously. We hear your customers and they will hear us, too. Walking through troubleshooting steps has never been easier. Your customers will be delighted with the prompt, courteous, and hassle-free service. One call resolution is our goal.

Benefits of Help Desk and Technical Support Programs

It may be called “technical support,” but we all know that it is human beings that solve problems at the end of the day. We humanize the help desk and technical support experience. Our agents work with advanced tools so that we can do one thing – solve your customer problems.

  • Solid technical support experience
  • Flexible, adaptive agents
  • Work within your existing CRM or hosted ticketing system framework
  • Expand your hours of support to resolve customer issues faster
  • Accurate reporting and accountability
  • Rapid escalation channels to internal support resources

We work within or in parallel to your existing support structure to provide real, tangible support. Contact us today and discover how you can build better, more responsive help desk services.

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