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We provide live-agent inbound and outbound third party verification (TPV) on a 24/7/365 basis. Third party verification uses a professional live operator and voice log technology to create an audible sound file recording for each of your critical customer transactions. As a business owner, you know that third party verification is required by the FCC and many state PUC’s for changes in various types of services. Many other types of services require absolute understanding and acceptance of terms and conditions related to financial transactions. Sound Telecom provides a professional, stable and reliable TPV platform providing a neutral third party witness.

How Does Sound Telecom’s Third Party Verification Service Work?

A third party verification call is created when a conference call is established between your sales agent, your customer, and our TPV operator, or, when our third party verification agent places a recorded outbound call to your customer. Sound Telecom follows a pre-determined script that ensures all requisite points of the TPV call are captured. We then process the data that we receive either on our client’s web-based system or Sound Telecom will capture pertinent call details and forward them to you securely. Sound Telecom can accommodate any unique type of call flow processing or dynamics that you require.

Contact us today for a free third party verification services consultation. We will review all of your TPV questions concerning TPV requirements, data scripting, call dynamics and other call center services.

24 hour answering service

Inbound and Outbound Third Party Verification Capabilities

Transfer your live calls to Sound Telecom for immediate TPV processing using standard conference calling functionality. Or, have Sound Telecom promptly contact your customers moments after receiving an order confirmation via email, fax, FTP or web browser update. Sound Telecom provides a critical human component to every TPV call we process. People want to do business with people, not machines. You can use Sound Telecom third party verification live operators to ensure your TPV success. You can rest assured that we comply with all FCC and other regulatory agency policies.

24/7/365 Access to Voice Log Recordings

Use our secure web portal service to access all of your digitally recorded TPV calls. Run detailed reports on all call transactions and download the data to your PC. All third party verification records are stored for up to 7 years and can be securely sent to you in hardcopy format.

Complete Verification Reporting

Daily, weekly and monthly reports are available to you in the format you choose. Sound Telecom will summarize all of your third party verification transactions and provide whatever level of detail you require for your business operations.

Our diversity of experience sets us apart from the rest. We offer reasonable and competitive rates. Most importantly, we will get you the Return on Investment that your TPV requires. So call Sound Telecom today and put our expertise, communication skills and quality to the test. You will be glad that you did.

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