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with 24/7 Order Processing Call Center Services

Your customers will feel like they are doing business with you when they are placing orders with us. We combine extensive call center consulting experience, leading order processing technology, and enthusiastic customer assistance to deliver customer service solutions that are a natural extension of your own business. We assimilate your distinctive approach to customer service so that our agents sound like your people. We hold a very high service standard to ensure that every order results in a positive customer service experience. And we do it all for much for less than you might expect. We provide 24/7 inbound order processing support using phone, email and chat. Your callers will experience professional, consistent service every time regardless how they choose to contact you.

Make order processing more convenient

Sound Telecom offers round-the-clock order processing using a variety of support formats including phone, chat and email. We will interface directly with your existing order entry system through a secure web connection. Or, we can process orders for you, and securely transmit order data to you or your fulfillment vendor at a pre-scheduled time each day. Our agents can handle virtually any type of inbound sales call and will always treat your callers to friendly, accurate and fast service. Sound Telecom 24/7 Order Processing provides:

  • Flexibility: We’ll interface with your web-based ordering environment, or, we can collect order data for you
  • Security: We use the most stringent security technologies to ensure credit card and other confidential information is safe and protected
  • Convenience: 24/7/365 order taking capability
24 hour answering service

Benefits of Sound Telecom’s Order Processing Programs:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction with 24 x 7, high quality support and faster response times
  • Flexible order processing environments
  • Multi-channel support: Phone, Email and Chat
  • Reduce internal support costs and maximize resources
  • Do business when your customers need you most
  • Keep order processing records secure and confidential
  • Answer customer inquiries to facilitate sales

In addition to processing your orders, our agents will be fully trained and prepared to answer a variety of questions that your customers may have about your products. Allow us to quickly provide accurate information that will help assure your orders are completed. Contact us today and discover how you can start building longer, more profitable customer relationships.

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