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Eliminate your continuity concerns with an effective nationwide strategy that will keep your organization operational, even when it isn’t

A nation-wide strategy designed to keep your organization online

Is your organization ready when disaster strikes? Do you have a business continuity plan? Can you even stay in business, serve your customers and protect your employees when unexpected emergencies arise? The fact is that every organization needs a business continuity plan. Disaster recovery is a critical area of operations today and tomorrow. Sound Telecom allows you to stay in business and serve your clients when the worst happens. We will eliminate your continuity concerns and provide you with an effective nationwide strategy that will keep your organization online, even when it isn’t.

24 hour answering service

Disaster recovery means more than having a backup tape on hand

Sound Telecom builds emergency response programs for small, medium and large businesses, institutional organizations, government agencies and more. We are prepared to handle a wide variety of disaster scenarios such as:

  • Security Breaches
  • Power Outages
  • Chemical Emergencies and Hazardous Materials
  • Health Crises, Pandemics and Epidemics
  • Fire and Wildfire
  • Storms, Earthquakes, Floods and other natural disasters
  • Terrorism
  • And more…

The safety and wellbeing of the elderly, children, your employees and the citizenry is our number one concern. We build bullet-proof, emergency response programs suited to the needs of your organization. Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

  • Can you re-route critical support and service lines?
  • Can your customers contact you via secondary 800 numbers?
  • Is your telephony routing system strong enough to support hundreds if not thousands of calls every hour?
  • Are you capable of 24/7 live support at a moment’s notice no matter what Mother Nature throws at you?

Remember, disasters are usually classified as acts of nature; floods, fires, winds and hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural phenomenon. But small catastrophes can be just as devastating to your call center. Sound Telecom is highly skilled at assisting businesses develop continuity strategies that work. Our existing systems are functional, well-organized and operational on a round-the-clock basis. Allow Sound Telecom to:

  • Help you create a plan or integrate with your existing disaster recovery strategies
  • Examine all of your call center continuity assumptions carefully
  • Prepare a robust call center implementation
  • Practice and test your continuity plans frequently
  • Develop “what-if” scenarios to look for weak points
  • Organize a vast remote staff capable of handling high volumes of call activity

A unique disaster recovery and business continuity network

It’s all about our network. Sound Telecom has developed layers of networks from the cloud telephony level all the way down to the front line agent who professionally answers your calls. Our continuity response network has three layers.

The Cloud

The top layer of our network exists in the cloud. We use professional-grade Telco-based advanced routing features (next-available agent routing, percentage allocation routing, time-of-day routing, maximum calls allowed and so on) to seamlessly route phone traffic during large-scale demand periods precipitated by any type of disaster or emergency response requirement. Because we use geographically dispersed Telco centers we ensure that your calling network is always functional. Your calls are carefully load balanced and quickly routed to our affiliate call center facilities.

The Call Center

Sound Telecom maintains significant in-house call center capacity well suited for small to medium-sized responses. We also maintain strategic working relationships with top-notch call centers nationwide to effectively meet the largest emergency response requirements. This unique network of affiliate locations expands Sound Telecom’s capacity to over 2,500 agent positions in the United States and Canada. Our innovative networking strength gives us the ability to process thousands of calls per hour for you. All programming, agent training, and quality monitoring is the same for each of these locations and is directed by Sound Telecom to provide a transparent solution for our clients.

The Call Processing System

Question: How do you get multiple call centers to all behave the same way at the same time on the same day?
Answer: Give them web-hosted, standardized processing applications that really work.
Sound Telecom has developed a network-capable, multi-user call processing platform that can be customized to handle your emergency response calls. This unique call processing system can be modified in real time based on changes happening during an event and allows for data capture, storage, and reporting on an as-needed basis. This processing network greatly expands call center productivity and capacity while providing Sound Telecom clients with a single source of reporting, data and billing.

Benefits of Sound Telecom’s Disaster Recovery Programs

  • Remote monitoring
  • Voice log call samples
  • Robust reporting
  • Web-based scripting with real-time change and update ability
  • Geographic redundancy
  • 24/7/365 nationwide coverage
  • Tested and successful recovery services
  • Immediate call center staff “on-tap”
  • Emergency Notification
  • Automated Alert Systems
  • Inbound 24×7 Call Handling
  • Custom Disaster Recovery Programs
  • Best of Breed Call Center Telephony
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advanced Routing and Feature Sets
  • Experienced Management

You no longer need to worry about computer networking, hardware, telephony, scripting, staffing, and training and so on. We take care of everything. If you don’t have emergency response numbers, we provide those, too. If you know nothing about the Cloud or PSTN routing, there is no need to worry, because we have been there before and know how to navigate those waters. Disaster response and recovery requires a call center capable of handling all communications from an unforeseen event on very short notice. We have already laid the groundwork and we are ready to be an integral part of your communications planning. Talk with us today so you can be prepared for tomorrow.

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