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How to Help Your Telephone Answering Service Help You

Author: soundtele   I   Category : Answering Service   I   Date : February 02, 2017

How to Help Your Telephone Answering Service Help You

Your telephone answering service is in the business of helping your organization be successful. But they need your help in order for you to get the most out of the service.

Well, here we are in a new year and there's lots to think about, plan for, hope for, even wish for.  Recently, I was watching the movie Jerry McGuire (once again) and that great scene between Tom Cruise's character and Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character in the locker room makes me laugh - the one where Jerry begs, pleads with, and implores Rod Tidwell, " me help you..."

Well, it's kind of true you know.  No one can make it happen for your business but you.  You can hire consultants, services, subcontractors, and a lot of other outside people to help you, but they can't do it without you, your input, your communication, your help.

Your answering service is the same way. They need your help in order to help you. So, how can you help your telephone answering service to help you? Here are some useful tips:

1.  Be up front with your account representative about you business goals and what you want to accomplish.

2.  Be available to answer questions regarding your script, your answering service programming, your account in general.

3.  Understand that your telephone answering service is an important part of your branding/your customer facing messaging, and as such, you want them to represent your company as professionally and polished as possible.

4.  To accomplish #3 above, tell your account representative about your company - your past achievements, your culture, your clients, your mission-vision-value statement.  It's one thing to deliver a written script, it's quite another to explain and engage your account representative enough to be able to provide some insight and understanding into your customers' expectations, your company culture, and your company's messaging to the outside world.

5.  Once your service is in place, don't ignore it. Stay in touch with your account representative. Let them know about any specials you're offering so they can promote it to your callers. Keep your answering service updated on any changes you may have in relevant personnel or contact info. As your company grows and evolves, so should your answering service.

Working hand in hand with your telephone answering service, helping them to help you, ensures you get the service you want and your callers get the attention they deserve. Be assured that your live support provider is there right beside you, your partner in branding, sales, and service.

Help your telephone answering service help you. And, by the way, have a very happy, prosperous, healthy New Year!


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