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Houston Answering Service
and Call Center Services in Texas

Sound Telecom answering services in Houston, TX, allow businesses to increase their satisfaction rate via our live answering call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our USA-based agents are professionally trained and consistently monitored to deliver a world-class customer service experience.


Call Center and Live Answering Services in
Houston for Your Business

When local TX organizations require a reliable, affordable answering service in Houston, we are ready to implement the best solution for you. What makes us different from other answering services? We know that customers are your most important asset and should be treated as such. We invest in industry-leading call center technology to accomplish our promise to you, ensuring any possible situation that arises will be resolved efficiently and effectively.

The truth is that people want interaction, knowing that they are not only a number waiting in a virtual queue. Callers will be much less likely to hang up in frustration or switch to one of your competitors; one of our expert virtual receptionists is always available to answer your calls. Just think of the increased potential in lead generation as well as customer retention, which will help you set future financial goals and maximize your return on investment (ROI).


The benefits of using our live answering services in Houston include but are not limited to:

extend your hours and minimize costs with 24/7 phone call coverage.

Our answering service agents will answer your calls in a friendly, professional manner, let you know who is on the line before transferring, and prioritize your calls.

You can review message details, run call detail reports and get unique account insights to help you manage your organization even better.

We are in compliance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which is a series of regulatory standards that outline the lawful use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI).

We ensure that all calls are consistent and in the tone that your company wants to portray.

Let Us Watch Your Phones While
You Experience Houston

Welcome to H-Town

Welcome to H-Town

Welcome to H-Town! Home of the Space Center, countless activities such as rodeos, art galleries, museums and of course, big (and we mean big) meals.

Pub Walking Tour

Pub Walking Tour

Do you like a bit of a scare and a drink? Make sure you try the Haunted Houston Ghost and Pub Walking Tour.

The Big Texan

The Big Texan

Are you craving a juicy steak? Head over to The Big Texan. It’s best known for its 72-ounce steak!


The Menil Collection

If you’re an art fanatic, you can’t miss out on The Menil Collection. It’s a 30-acre compilation of art gathered by Jean and Dominique de Menil. It features 10,000 works of art collected by the couple from the 1940s until the late 1990s.

You’re in expert hands with Sound Telecom
Houston Answering Services!

The bottom line is that effective customer support is vital to solidifying a strong brand image and reputation – information spreads rapidly, a few frustrated customers is all it takes for your company’s name to be tarnished. With our Houston call center services, we will never let that happen. Anyone who calls your business is put through to a knowledgeable receptionist trained to provide the support you expect from a reputable company. We are here to help your business thrive!

Local Details

Currently providing Houston answering services in Harris County and beyond.
Phoenix area codes: 281, 346, 713, and 832
We offer call center services all across the country as well as throughout Texas in cities like

  • Arlington Arlington
  • Austin Austin
  • Corpus-Christi Corpus Christi
  • Dallas Dallas
  • El-Paso El Paso
  • Fort-Worth Fort Worth
  • Laredo Laredo
  • Lubbock Lubbock
  • Plano Plano
  • San Antonio San Antonio