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As a three-time Inc. 5000 Award Winner, we have been providing nationwide 24-hour telephone answering service and customized call center services with USA-based agents since 1986.

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Fast phone answering times
  • 100% USA-based
  • Courteous, well-trained receptionists
  • Employee-owned
  • Affordable, flexible solutions
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • No long-term contracts

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Call Services offered by Sound Telecom

Live Answering Services

Live Answering Services

Sound Telecom provides customized answering services through courteous, knowledgeable, US-based agents that handle every call professionally and accurately. If you’re involved in any type of business that requires live answering services, we can build you a personalized answering service program that will provide your customers with the immediate service and quality care they expect and deserve – day or night.

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Virtual Receptionist Services

Sound Telecom live virtual receptionist services offer phone answering, appointment scheduling, and more to enhance customer service and grow your business.

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Call Center Services

Call Center Services

To serve your customers and serve them well today, you have to be responsive and professional. Customers are constantly adopting new technologies such as mobile support and social media. You have to meet the need to provide contact center solutions that make sense to your customers. That is why Sound Telecom offers a quality mixture of support programs that put a “smile” into customer service 24/7. We can build inbound, outbound, and web-centered BPO programs that keep customers and prospects coming back for more.

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Employee Hotline Solutions

Employee Hotline Solutions

Your employees are the most important part of your business. We provide third party employee hotlines to help you manage your people and your company. From anonymous whistleblower hotlines for ethics and compliance to call out lines for attendance management, Sound Telecom is your go-to for employee safety check-ins, applicant screening, and more. Great for managers and perfect for employees, let us help you take the headache out of HR work.

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Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

At Sound Telecom, our solutions include a variety of tech-driven options to empower your business and streamline your operations. Here are some of the popular technology solutions our clients use to bolster their call center services from Sound Telecom.

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Frequently Asked Questions About
Sound Telecom Call Answering Services

Torrey Frequently

While Sound Telecom provides live answering services all throughout the United States and Canada, our headquarters is located in Spokane, WA. We intentionally chose this location to be the site of our primary call center for specific reasons. Not only is Spokane a great place to call home, but it also offers a stable, reliable power grid and there is no risk of major natural disasters here that often disrupt other parts of the country. That means our call center operations are always up and running to support your business.

We do. Our 24-hour answering services are available every single day of the year as well. Sound Telecom is truly a 24/7/365 call center service provider. These days, your customers aren’t going to restrict their calls to traditional business hours. We are here for them whenever they dial - during busy times throughout the day when you want call overflow assistance, or when your office is closed after hours, on weekends, and even during holidays.

When you have been in the call answering service game for over 30 years, you’ve seen it all. We have partnered with companies big and small to help them improve customer service, capture new business opportunities, enhance productivity, and boost work/life balance, and most importantly - succeed. Simply put, businesses that value affordable, effective, reliable call handling services choose Sound Telecom.

Absolutely! Instead of using off-the-shelf call center software that only offers a few rigid account setup types, we use a proprietary system that allows us to customize an ideal answering service solution for each client. Just share some details about your company so we can get to know you, tell us what your call answering challenges and goals are, specify how you would like your calls handled, and we’ll take it from there. Your input is what helps us create a perfect plan just for you. Part art and certainly some science, we have perfected the process to make working with Sound Telecom a breeze.

You can head over to our Pricing page to have a look at the different phone answering service plans we offer. Whether you just want a few calls answered each month or have a much higher call volume, we provide great options that will fit any budget.

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